Therapy & Fees

What is therapy and how can it help you?

Therapy is a place for you to connect with a licensed professional who can help guide you through difficult times in your life, help you sort out various life decisions and help you work on improving your relationships with other people. We will work together to decide what you want to work on.

The space is yours for discussing a range of topics, including:

  • feeling sad, lonely or depressed

  • feeling fearful or worried

  • having relationship difficulties

  • managing life changes (for example: marriage, divorce, new child, new job)

  • communication challenges (how to be assertive, conflict resolution)

  • identity problems (who am I, what do I want in my life)

  • resolving trauma



Starting at $125 per hour

Call Leslye at 408.279.9513

Children &


$150 per hour

Call Leslye at 408.279.9513

Couple & Family


$175 couples; $250 for families

Call Leslye at 408.279.9513

Timing of Sessions

  • Individual therapy (adult) sessions are 50 minutes.

  • Children and adolescent sessions are 45 minutes.

  • Couples sessions are 50 minutes.

  • Family therapy sessions range from 50-75 minutes.

Billing and Fees

  • Cash, checks, credit (PayPal invoicing available)

  • Sliding scale available.

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