Meet Leslye

Who am I?

I like to work with my clients to develop a meaningful therapeutic relationship. The therapist-client relationship can often feel one-sided, as in most cases, you will be doing the majority of the talking, and I will listen. In graduate school, they reiterated "therapy is not advice giving." However, I understand that culturally it may be very odd to speak with someone you know nothing about. I offer a few fun facts about me and my journey to becoming a therapist.


In 1999, a teenage girl from Compton, California boarded her first ever plane ride, flying off to her freshman year of college at New York University. After three semesters of wandering in the Big Apple, an incredibly homesick girl flew back to California, but this time to the Bay Area, which would eventually become her permanent home. The next two years of school at SF State were spent on academic probation, enduring the tragic loss of her cousin, the loss of her job, and the pressures of mounting student loan debt. With perseverance, she received tutoring support and went to therapy. She successfully finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2005. 

Still unsure what she wanted to do with her degree, she worked in an administrative office job, and began volunteering as an HIV test counselor at University of California San Francisco. This volunteer experience inspired her to pursue graduate school, but in her first semester, she experienced a life-threatening medical emergency that resulted in an unexpected delay in her studies. She persisted and completed her Master's degree program in 2011. After completing her clinical training, she began teaching psychology at a number of California community colleges and local universities. In 2018, she officially became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and opened her own private practice. 

Fun facts


Leslye Tinson