My Practice

Welcome to my practice!

Preparing for the first appointment

Prior to our first appointment, I will need you to complete and sign a packet of forms, called the intake packet. The forms include all the details on my fees, appointment scheduling, confidentiality, limits of confidentiality, emergency procedures, and contact information. These forms will need to be reviewed and signed before our first session. If they have not been completed prior to the first session, we will take some time during the clinical interview to complete the forms. Please ask me any questions you may have when completing the forms. There will be time to discuss all the forms during the intake interview

What can you expect during the intake interview?
Our initial meeting will be a clinical assessment, often called an intake interview. During the intake interview, I will ask you a series of questions, gather information about what you want to work on in therapy, and we will develop some treatment goals for you. The intake interview is also a good time to get to know each other and determine how we will work together to help you meet your goals.

The intake interview is typically scheduled for one to two hours. I collect a very detailed life history, including asking you about things that have happened in the past and we will also discuss current issues that you may be facing. We will review the protocol for my practice, including your rights to confidentiality, and other provisions of our work together. We will come up with a few goals for what you hope to gain from therapy. Thereafter, I will provide you with recommendations for the course of treatment (estimated time) based on your presenting problem. Most clients meet with me weekly, and other times twice per month, depending on their case, financial status, and what specific goals you are working on, as well as the level of coping skills previously developed. 

Each therapy session begins with the client 

I use an open beginning approach. This means you have the ability to set the agenda of what we discuss. However, since we have also set treatment goals, I will be continuously assessing your progress along the way. From time to time, we will review the treatment goals, assess where you have made progress, and revise treatment or end the therapy based on client's met goals and/or individual needs. I cannot guarantee that you will be "fixed" or "magically healed", but I can ensure that we will work together collaboratively to improve your mental health. Thanks for entrusting me with your case. I look forward to seeing you at our appointment!

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